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Monday, August 1, 2011

We had a great week...

HEY EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

we had a great week, a lot of fun times. first things first, i got a transfer call, so i am leaving xarkov on Thursday! i am going down, which means Donetsk, gorlovka, lugansk, and Mariupol. thanks to a legit source who will remain unnamed, we know all of transfers, so i know that i am going all the way down to the sea of mariopol! I'm sad I'm leaving xarkov so quickly, but Mariupol is a great place. my companion is really young, and I've never met him, so we'll see. but I'm pretty pumped, it should be a good place to serve. i guess technically, he might be wrong, but it seems pretty legit.

so Monday night we saw a pretty cool miracle. we met with the rusinovs, the family whose kids aren't baptized because their father won't allow it. we had a lesson, and afterwards, the father came in and said, hey elders, I'll drive you home. and the other people said, we are going to feed them, so just wait. he said, OK. by the way, elders, you are going to start teaching my children the baptismal lessons. i was like, so, you are giving them permission to be baptized? and he was like, yes, and walked out. then we all rejoiced. how great was our joy! we are meeting them tonight again, and hopefully putting them on date. its pretty cool, they should be able to get them baptized this next transfer.

we went and did some service on a dacha, which is like a country cottage, with some other missionaries. it was a total party. i used a chain saw! i felt manly. we chopped a lot of wood, then ate a delicious feast, and had a spiritual thought. it was so great to get out of the city into the great outdoors, and have some physical exercise for once.

went on a split with my zone leader elder shoen from Canada on Wednesday, we had fun. had some lessons, then went home and played risk. he really likes risk, and i completely owned his life. it was crazy how badly i beat him. the next morning we had a really good second lesson with galya, a lady i had a first lesson with on yet another split. it was an awesome lesson, the spirit was really strong. she was in tears by the end, talking about life or whatever. she'll definitely get baptized.

then on Friday i had a split with a kid who thinks he is awesome named Neil. we had a good time, had some lessons or whatever. we had a good conversation until late. for some reason, it is OK to stay up late on splits and talk. I'm not complaining, its fun. Friday i also found out that I'm leaving. i was pretty surprised, it seems random to pull me out of xarkov after only two transfers. but i guess the ap's know what they are doing. I'm super excited for mariupol. on Saturday we went to barabashova, the giant outdoor market, one last time. i might never come back here, which would suck. i bought a few ties, but I'm not collecting souvenirs yet, i don't want to lug them around. that night Thomas and prince, both old companions, came down to xarkov from sumi, so we went to McDonald's with them to say goodbye with several other missionaries. it is always so weird to see dying missionaries for the last time. I'm sure I'll see them both again, but not for a while. they are legends. all the missionaries going home right now are legends, and there are 13 of them. it is a different mission now. its sad to see them all go, my trainer, and several kids i served around.

then Sunday, my last Sunday here, was also elder beck's last day, so we went to the train station to see him off. it was good to serve around him, though he made me pretty trunky. my next district is three elders all in their third transfers, so i will be their combined mission age. it is going to be a little crazy, but fun. Sunday i also said my goodbyes to alizaveta, the 93 year old we bring the sacrament to, and loodmilla, the super emotional lady. and that brings us to now.

its friggin humid here.

so yeah, good enough week. now I'm just going to be saying goodbye to everyone for a few days, and next week I'll write to you from Mariupol!

I love you all ochen mnogo! fsevo nailoochevo!

love, elder Brimley

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