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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Don't be offended

hey, everybody!

I had a good week, kind of. i guess i would call it average. nothing worked out really, especially with investigators, so it was obviously frustrating. they just couldn't meet all week, or didn't answer their phones. and neither did members, so not a lot of meetings..

and then our faucet broke, started leaking really bad so we couldn't drink water on Tuesday. we called the land lady, who came over to fix it, and she said that it wasn't the faucet, but the filter system, so she couldn't do anything for us. but she said she knew how to fix it, so she put a bunch of tape on it, and said, there you go. after she left, it, of course, broke apart and so we went to the market and got a guy to fix it. he replaced the broken part with a part of a hose, which works, but is pretty ghetto. but it was free, so I'm not complaining. we might just buy a whole new faucet.

Wednesday i went on a split with elder beck, my zone leader in his last transfer. it was good, we had probably the best first lesson with a new investigator I've ever had. we had a member present, who helped a lot, and she wants to be baptized. and it just all flowed really well. i think she will get baptized. then we went out to eat at this legit restaurant, had some delicious Ukrainian food. after that we had another good lesson with a part-member family. afterwards we were contacting and met this guy that was really mean. He said that he was going to "open our eyes", and that we are the workers of Satan, hypnotizing people to follow us and blindly obey. "but don't be offended," he said. he went off for awhile about how we were evil, we are only here to destroy Ukraine, blah blah, but of course, ''don't be offended''.

the next day was good though. we had a good district meeting, we had a short meeting with Igor, still doing good, and then we met with sister klooyeva. she made us this delicious chicken with pasta. man it was great. Friday we had a couple lessons with members, and weekly planning. we tried to make cookies for weekly planning, but our oven is way too hot and burned them bad. Saturday we were supposed to have two investigator lessons, one with a new investigator, but both fell through. so we went contacting. in the morning, we contacted into this dude. he started just asking us a bunch of questions. then he started yelling at the top of his lungs, about how this is an orthodox country, and we shouldn't be here, blah blah blah. i at first tried to calm him down, but just saying the word "we" made him angrier. so we just walked away. but he followed us, yelling and screaming, swearing like a mad man. he was sweating really bad, and smelled way drunk. he was getting into our grillz (faces), and spitting all over the place. pumping his fist in our faces and making lots of crude signs. we keep walking. eventually we stop and ask where he is going. he says, with you guys. so we start walking in the direction of the park, so there will be more people. he is still screaming, keeps following, people are just staring. he said something interesting. s ookraini na khooi! ponial? (I would very much appreciate it if you left Ukraine.) Eventually he stopped, once we got to a busier street. it was a little intense. then we contacted.

is America going to default? someone told me that. what does that mean? any other crazy news?

Sunday was pretty average. Igor is still very attached to me. but he got the Aaronic priesthood, so that was awesome, obviously. after church we took sister alizaveta the sacrament.

i don't know about transfers, i will find out this Friday. i don't mind either way. me and Elder Young are getting along great. and i forgot about pioneer day. darn. i loved everything in the package, the pants fit well. the weather has been nice and warm, quite humid. and it has been raining the past few days. there was this crazy lightning storm Friday night. it kept me up for hours, it was really bright and loud, and it struck like every ten seconds. it was pretty nuts.

well that’s about it for the week, like i said, not amazing. but whatever, if I've learned anything on the mission is that the next week is always better. or at least, you have to act like that.

thanks for everything. love you all.

elder Brimley

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