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Monday, August 22, 2011

Dreaming of a Dragon

Hey family and friends! How doest thou? i hope well. I'm doing pretty good. I'm sorry to hear that summer is wrapping up. that's always a depressing time. i miss school. i miss summer too, though. i try my best not to think about America, but it just doesn't work. last night i had this dream, and it was me and the family, and some other random people. and we were waiting for my new mission president to come. and we were all really worried, because he is a DRAGON. so we put outside our house some offerings, food and stuff, i can't really remember. anyways, he eventually comes, and accepted our offerings. when he came inside, he was a human though. and really nice to everyone. cool story, huh?

big news is the baptism this week! it went really well. i can't really claim it as my own, because it is a little girl, who i only met with once, and i didn't really do anything. but I'll count it anyways. lots of members came to support her, it was great. the meeting was really nice, everything just worked out well. I'm so happy for her. and her mom, who was recently an inactive, but since I've been here, she has come every week. they are really happy, and are headed to the temple to be sealed as a family as soon as possible. that was on Friday.

Monday we had a good family night at a members house, and we had 2 investigators there, magically! it was a good time, we had a good gospel discussion, had a bunch of snacks, and then played some good games. our investigators loved it, and, so did i. its weird, my district are all against going to family nights. i explained to them that president fry told us to pick a family night and go to it.

lets see, what else happened... i went on a split with the other elders on Wednesday. after district meeting i went to the other area with elder Taylor. we had a good split, went to this one lady's house on Wednesday night, she was super nice. probably the happiest lady I've met in this country. spoke English pretty well too. probably not going anywhere, but she is a nice lady. elder Taylor bought a sword a little while ago, so we had some watermelon cut by a sword that night. don't worry, I've got a picture I'll send some day. it was pretty legit.

i had a lesson the next day with one of their investigators. he was an interesting man. he is a really big guy, like a bit chubbier, but mostly just an enormous man. but a gentle giant is he. he is so kind. soft and gentle. it was odd, almost. he is a cool guy, really accepting of everything. he was on date for baptism, but he got kind of scared, so they are putting it off for a while. we talked about being diligent, because they have apparently talked about baptism too much for the past month. so we had a nice short spiritual thought, and got to know each other. very good guy.

afterwards we went to the church for a youth night. a bunch of people came, and an old investigator, it was a lot of fun. we made sharma's together, and then ate them. we have a lot of cool youth here.

Friday was the baptism, Saturday we did service, where we made cement for four hours, then came back to an apartment that our landlady had trashed, and left us a note that said, you guys have to clean it up. then we had sports night for 3 hours, which was a huge success. it was legit.

OK my district is all staring me down because they finished their email, so i gotta go. I'm sorry, I'll do better next week at replying!

love you guys! have a great week!

elder Brimley

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