Derek opens his mission call

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

First things first: I sorta need a sweater and some sweats. Think you could send those over? I am starting to realize why missionaries emails are how they are. This internet is terrible. And every time I press the period, it puts down two. So forgive my spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, I'm trying to get as much stuff down as possible. 27 minutes left. And I can't start new paragraphs.

Dad- Happy fathers day! I hope it was great.. And I hope you enjoyed my letter.. You were right.. I do love it here. I'm working every minute and it feels great.. The spirit is stong and i'm learning so much.. It is an amazing place.. Thanks for the letter, I plan on using your advice.. I hope I can make you proud.. I love you..

Mom- I think I might have a worm.. But I guess you figured I'd say that.. Thanks so much for the letter and package.. It means a lot to have that support.. I miss you too, but I am in love with this work.. I have already grown so much, it's kind of unbelievable.. Thank you for everything.. By the way, read Isaiah 66:13-14.. I think you'll like it.. Be happy! and go into my room.. It's not that stinky..

Nicole and Garrett- Thanks for the letters and package, especcially the toy story stickers.. those will help me so much to better serve the lord.. How is wal-mart? Write me letters! Dear Elder is the bomb.. Oh, and ya znayu shto tserkov' eesusa xrista istina.. Oh and by the way, teaching is HARD! you may want to just be a cake decorator.. I have been practicing teaching the first lesson, but saying that makes it sound so simple.. I have to try and make this gospel applicable to a person I hardly know.. I'm getting better but I need practice.. Oh and garrett, by the way, I'm totally dreaming and thinking in Russian now.. I keep accidentally speaking in it, its so embarrassing.. No, i think I know why you didn't like the MTC, but I'm just going to try and ignore those parts and push through.. We've learned how to testify and pray in russian, we are using the TALL program, learned some pronouns, and went over some basic grammar stuff.. I can see this getting hard, but for now we are doing ok.. I owe you one man, I'm glad i already know the alphabet and some basic stuff.. Thanks..

Scott- How was camp? Don't think you are too cool for that stuff.. Be a leader.. Speak up.. People will look up to you, but not if you ignore them because you are "above" them.. Thanks for the letter, I didn't really like seminary when I was there either, but I'm realizing now that that was my fault.. I regret not being a good seminary student.. You should definitely solidify your beliefs, and seminary is a good place to do it.. I know the people there are sometimes annoying or whatever, but thats just high school, man.. (I feel guilty saying man) There are plenty of annoying people here too, they are just everywhere.. But that is no reason to stop yourself from learning or progressing.. Really, just learn to be a leader.. It should be fun.. Don't ever waste your time.. It is a valuable skill to learn- PLAN.. I wish I was better at it now.. Love you man..

Alex.. Thanks for your heartfelt letter, it meant a lot to me.. I hope you can continue to be a good sister to nate, anna, and alex.. Keep being soial, but don't forget the fam.. and don't worry too much about boys, they are all stupid- especially in jr.. high..

Nate- good job at your lacrosse game! you are strong and awesome, so be nice to anna, and mom.. practice you piano every day, do your chores, and read.. you will be alright.. Hug mom for me.. and give anna a tickle..

Anna- I miss you too.. Thanks for the note.. Send my best to fredward Frank Brimdawg shorttongue.. Be good for mom and dad! Love you..

The MTC is so far amazing.. I really am becoming a missionary.. Which is fun, and very hard.. Every single moment I am doing somthing, learning something, working on something, or planning something.. I had a bit of free time on sunday, and i just felt lazy.. I love the end of the day, realizing how much I have accomplished.. best feeling in the world.. The teachers are amazing.. oh and I have uncle mike's nephew, brat pierce.. we just realized it, even though we had met each other before.. weird moment.. but the teachers really do know what they are doing.. I've never enjoyed 12 hours of class more.. My district is awesome, my companion is too, elder mendoza.. he is i think half mexican, so he can speak spanish fluently.. funny enough, the only time i can really hear his accent is when he is trying to speak russian.. it is weird.. he like has trouble with certain sounds because of his thick inexplicable accent.. but we get along fine.. there are some really great kids, oops, elders, eight of them, they are just great.. Most of them at least.. So, you should write me letters! I got your package just yesterday, and i was filled with love, it was crazy how exciting it was.. Tommorow we have our first TRC task, just introducing ourselves in russian and sharing a quick message.. I don't feel quite ready but I'm getting there.. sorry this is so unorganized and i promise i'm not being sarcastic even with all the extra periods.. I mean every word. I'm learning so much about myself, my strengths and weaknesses, and about how I can learn and progress, it is pure insanity.. I left so much out, but i'm out of time! I'll try harder next time.. Just know that I love you and I'm praying for you all.. Thanks for everything you have done.. tserkov- istinee! Da svidania! :)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Derek's first email from the MTC

Hey! They are letting us write a quick "I'm here" letter. Hopefully this gets to you. Let me know if it does. Today was awesome, we were kept so busy the whole time. It is a little overwhelming, but that is what I like. My p-day is on tuesday, by the way, so expect my next letter then. We had a devotional from the whole mission presidency and their wives, it was great. Awesome, practical advice. Then we had some mock investigators, and that was... interesting. They were pretty hard on us! I am definitely going to have to solidify my beliefs while I am here. But that's why I'm here, so that's good. Sorry this is all unorganized, they are making us go quick. My next will be better, hopefully. Thanks for everything, I love you all!

Love, Straishna Brimley.