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Monday, February 14, 2011

Nervous about upcoming transfer

Hey y'all:

Answers to some questions:

Yeah i've heard about the egypt stuff, but i didn't know the outcome yet. that is pretty nuts, and pretty awesome that they actually are winning their freedom. i guess we will see what the military will do and whatnot. i found out a few weeks ago from the district president. or i guess i should say, my companion after he talked to the district president.

Yeah we work with the mission leader, but it is just a weekly meeting after church, where we tell him about our investigators, and he says good job, or gives some advice. we have actually gotten a couple of referrals from members, but usually it doesn't work out. like the mission leader gave us a referral, and we called the guy and he said he doesn't have time. that is what a lot of people say.

I'm not hungry, i've been eating really well recently. we eat tacos like twice a week. i havent bought boots because now it is too late. winter is ending. next winter i definitely will buy boots. my feet are just constantly cold. This has been the weather the past while: really cold. it has stayed around zero for most of the winter, and yesterday it jumped down to negative 17, and today is negative 18. there is a constant, cold, wet, snow blowing in this awful wind. it has been very miserable recently, shortly said.

I've given up on finding a cd player. i don't think they are sold in this country.

My companion goes home in august, though he is going home one transfer early, because of school. his whole group of 8 is going home one transfer early, actually. so he is like 3/4ths of the way done. but hey, my birthday is on my six month mark in country! big day, huge day. a landmark moment. then in just a couple more months is my year mark on a mission! what a day that will be.

I heard sloan quit, but i thought he just was going to retire. man, that's too bad. he has been their coach for longer than i've been alive, hasn't he? yeah, i hear that byu is doing awesome, and i hear jimmer is just a beast.

But on to more pressing matters: transfers. i don't know how big of a deal these are in other missions, but here they are kind of like our best form of entertainment. every week six is just crazy, trying to figure out where everyone is going. and this transfer every companionship, except one, is affected. my comp is getting transferred, and the other two in my district are both transferred as well. so i'm going to have a completely new district, crazy stuff. i've got good options so far, but keep me in your prayers. this is always a scary time in the mission. transfer day. the next six weeks to twelve weeks of my life hang in the balance.

This week was rather uneventful. I went on a split with a newer elder, who is one transfer younger than i am, though in real life he is already 21. it was fun, it was the first time i've ever been the person in the companionship who understands more, and can speak better russian. which was fun, kind of. it made me realize a big problem with working with young missionaries. so i was talking to this guy on the street, and he was saying, you guys are all the same. you and the jehovas witnesses all just believe that god is jehova, and deny that jesus was the son of god. but all my companion understood was 'you believe in jehova'. so he said something like 'yeah! we believe in jehova!' so the dude walked away. other times, i would just be having a conversation and he would interrupt and say something way off topic. i mean, its good for young missionaries to talk, practice.

Heres something- our electricity goes out on friday, at like 3 pm. we waited for a bit, but it didnt come back on. so we decided we would worry about it that night, and went out and worked. it was still out when we came in, and just pitch black, and we were like, lets worry about it when we wake up, and hopefully it is on. well it didn't come on, which meant that it was really cold, and that our water heater wasn't working so we couldn't take showers. so we went to the office to get my passport (and we both got packages), and then it was still off when we got back. then we called the hazaika, and she got it figured out. so that was that.

Yes. the dude that came to church, and seemed really legit, turned out to be actually really legit. which is unfortunately unusual. we met with sasha (thats his name) three times this week. he is really smart, a very deep thinker, but also open to new ideas. we have had some really good lessons with him. he has a wife and kid, and he is just the nicest guy. and funny too. and he has a lot of free time, i guess he isn't working right now. but we have him reading the book of mormon and praying, so that is awesome. yeah, he is just so legit. like maxime of old, but with lots of free time.

The coming week is going to be pretty hectic. all of my companions 'goodbye' lessons. we might just get 20 quality lessons, which would be nothing less than miraculous. this area has become an above average area. most areas get less than 15 a week, and two transfers ago the average was 6-8. now we should be getting like 17 by thursday. so yeah, pretty sweet something.

Well i'm out of time. so paka. the church is true, and apparently fasting works, so thanks for that. love you all.

Elder Brimley

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