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Monday, February 21, 2011

Derek gets a new companion--twice

Hello family and friends.

It was a pretty interesting week, lots of fun stuff. I mean, it is week 6 of the transfer which is always fun. I guess I'll start at the beginning: monday

It was Elder Thomas's last week in the area, so obviously we were having goodbye lessons with all the members and investigators. Well that's what we wanted to do, but Thomas was feeling pretty sick for Tuesday and most of Wednesday. So unfortunately we had to stay in for a couple lessons. we did go out a little bit, but a lot of resting. Later in the week i was feeling a bit sick too, nothing bad, just sore throat and congested, you know. but it was a good week anyways, had some good last lessons with some awesome people. Tuesday we had a giant shashlik, aka shishkabob party with our district and the Bontsovs, an awesome family who threw the party for the three elders leaving the branch. All in all a good week, but obviously the main event was transfer meeting on Friday, the scariest of all days.

So, as you saw from the pictures, I received as a companion elder Thornburg! he is an awesome kid, really funny and nice. He has a good soul, and we had a lot in common, a lot of common interests. same taste in music, even. Which is saying something, if you know my taste in music. Friday we got him all moved into the apartment, got to know each other, and I explained to him the area, the people, the apartment, tried to help him understand the area. It was good, we had one lesson cancel on us, but it was OK.

The next morning we get up, do studies, and head to a member lesson. On the bus over there, lots of people get in, and me and my companion get separated by people. We get to our stop and I get off, and then he gets off, and he says: well, it has been a good split. And I say, what? And he says, yeah. President Fry just called me and I'm moving back to the office. (he was in the office last transfer. next week a new office couple are coming in and they need to be trained, and then in a few weeks the area president is coming, so the office needs to be in tip top shape for all of that. and the elder that got moved wasn't a computer guy, and the other elder didn't know what he was doing. so they needed him back in there bad.) so, we had the lesson, packed him up, and swapped companions. luckily, I am now companions with elder Rollison, who is also super tight. He is just a saint, actually. we are getting along really well, we also have a lot in common. So it was too bad, as I was excited for Thornburg, he is just two transfers older than me, so that would have been new, but it is good. Rollison and I are getting along really well. one surprising note: he is my first companion from Utah.

So that was the craziness. My district is cool too, the other elders are a new native missionary, who actually seems way cool, and his cool trainer. So I'm happy with my district, its going to be a blast. We are all hoping winter stops soon, spring is just going to be a party. Oh, and my birthday next week will be a party. And a couple weeks after that will be zone conference, which will be a party too. It is going to be an awesome transfer, we are going to work really hard, our goal is to reach 20 quality lessons, which should be a very difficult, but technically possible goal. We shall see.

Whoa. send me some more information about the mission president!!! All I knew is that they were announcing it sometime soon. What is his full name? Do you know anything else? All of us in this internet club are freaking out, a Russian mission president would be crazy. Hopefully crazy good...

To mix things up, I shall answer some questions: i don't think my hair is falling out. yes, there are effects from Chernobyl, but not really anymore. we don't eat fish, well I haven't. yet. I loved the valentines package and the poems were top notch. I'm super pumped for my next package. THANK YOU!!!!

A quick Russian update: still really hard. It is really really hard. But I'm kind of getting it. i can have conversations OK. we had a missionary meeting on Sunday, and i had to report on my area, as my companion had just come the day before, and i think i actually did an OK job. my grammar is OK, and I can just think of words fairly fast. i have an OK vocabulary, a good word bank to choose from. the hardest part for me is understanding. The thick accent, plus the Russian word order and grammar, and then they just talk too fast for me to figure it all out. add that to me not knowing the words they use, it is hard. the worst is, I understand way better than i can speak. but, I'm feeling OK with it. I'm still studying hard, I haven't died out yet, which is actually surprising. That's that.

Well like I said, we weren't able to have too many lessons last week, as we both fell ill. So not too much new with investigators, though that kind of feels usual sadly.

I think I'm going to try to send some pictures. so I'll stop here. love you all! have a good week! don't forget, most importantly, my birthday is March 2. ne zabood. samaya vashna. tserkov istina. Mission is awesome, Church is true.

Love, Elder Brimley

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