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Monday, September 13, 2010

September 12, 2010

sup, yo

some things i forgot to write: yeah, i think you have to go pick up the package. i thought they would call you. i think it is at the ups store in american fork? if i remember. i could be wrong. and i got a couple of dear elders that were waiting for me when i came the first day. (man this keyboard is bad) they were accidentally sent here instead of the mtc.

they say to stay completely positive in my emails, so here goes.

the food here is really good. I've had some borscht, and other things that i can't remember. the milk has such an interesting flavor! I've always wanted to taste watered down sour cream. the bread really is delicious, and like 4 grivin (like 50 cents). or less. another thing about the food: my body loves it! like my intestines saying, "thanks!" it has sure been a fun roller coaster ride. lets just say, if there wasn't such great toilet paper here, i don't know what I'd do.

my apartment i found out, used to be called the rats nest, what a fun nickname! apparently there used to be a cockroach problem. though the other day, i lifted up a sponge in my shower, and lucky us, like 30 or so maggots had decided to join me! silly bugs, this is MY shower! i think they are gone. i asked my companion, who said our apartment is probably the worst in the mission. well, i guess it can only get better! about the time my lower body started having a party, they turned all our water off, so that was too bad, but you know, my toilet worked in a few hours, so no complaints here.

the people here are very... consistent. we try so hard to talk to them, and it seems like every time, unless they are drunk, they don' t talk to us. but gosh we are trying! our one hope for a new investigator was this old lady who took the book of Mormon, and she has been reading it. we went over and talked to her about it, trying to figure out what she thought of it. we asked her if we could share some more about our beliefs, and she asked if we crossed ourselves, or wore crosses. we said no, and tried to explain why. she wasn't interested after that. we will keep trying.

drunk people are everywhere. one lady had us come over, so we did. she seemed to be mocking us, but i couldn't really tell. she then turned to me and said something. i said "ya ne panimayu. poftaritya, pajhalsta?" (that is a phrase i use a lot.) she started to hug me and suddenly i feel a tongue sticking in my ear. she sucked on my right ear for a little bit, let go, and said "panimayish?" no. no i didn't. but what a new experience!

one thing i loved was English practice. it was really cool. i was helping this one guy for a while one on one. he came up afterward and said i was his favorite, that i had been the most helpful. unfortunately, we ran out of time so didn't have a spiritual thought. silly us, not planning. i guess I'm probably going to end up an English teacher. i think i can make English practice really cool, a lot better. there is a lot of potential, and it is a great way to get people interested in the church.

by the way, i talked to elder Hansen on the phone, he is doing good. he said he requested me for training but thinks president forgot. oh well.

we taught our investigators, which was cool. unfortunately we went with this member who kept on talking and talking. it would have been better without her, but it was still cool meeting with real investigators of the church. they are both older ladies, and i can't add too much to the lessons, but still cool. i can somewhat follow the conversation, which is improvement. elder Mueller is a good teacher, I'm excited to teach more with him. i just wish we taught more.

we are getting along really well. he just isn't much of a talker, unfortunately. he is from Washington state, and has been here for ten months, about. this is his fourth transfer here, so i think he is bored of the area.

oh, the transportation is great here. it is like 1 grivin, which is like 12 cents. every time i ride the transportation i feel like I'm at Disneyland! like thunder mountain, when it gets all creaky, and the lights flicker on and off. or like Indiana Jones, when the car stops, and shakes around, then goes again just in time. or space mountain, when you just shoot off suddenly. it is a blast! it is also usually more crowded than Disneyland, getting very close to really old ladies with beards, or drunk smelly guys. that's always fun.

i think my time is up. I'm doing great, i love Ukraine, and Ukrainians, and to a lesser extent Russian. i love the spirit of missionary work, and this great gospel i am teaching. i know it is true, and that God is with us. and with you all. I pray for you all, please pray for me. hope i didn't forget anything in this. i don't have much time to read all your emails, but thanks for them, and keep them coming!

Love, Elderek (for you Nicole) Brimley

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