Derek opens his mission call

Sunday, September 5, 2010

September 1, 2010


i'm sitting in the mission office right now! ukraine is awesome, though i haven't exactly done much yet. the flight was crazy awesome. we were in JFK, and we felt like we were in a rush, and there was a huge line. we got in it, and went through it. this random lady comes up to us, writes down our names, and walks away. when we get our tickets, they are magically in first class. that was the best thing in the day. we felt it was a miracle. i placed my first book of mormon, with my testimony in it and everything.
i find out tomorrow who is my trainer, and where i'm serving. i don't know when p day is, though aren't they usually on mondays? so i'll let you know then. i'm crazy jet lagging right now. i feel greasy and i could fall asleep instantly. but we are going to go teach and contact after we do some rules and stuff.
donetsk is cool. everything is dirty and falling apart. everyone...speaks russian. the airport was hardly an airport. just like a landing strip with a building.
I'M IN EUROPE! this is definitely the coolest thing that has ever happened to me.
anyways, i'm just supposed to say i didn't die on the plane. so there you are. sorry i couldn't call, there was no time. ha ha, it is 7:00 am utah time, but like four pm (i think) here. yeah, i'm really tired.
love you all, talk to you soon!

elder brimley

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