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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

One month in the MTC

Well this week went fast. For me, anyways. I mean, same stuff everyday, you'd think time would slow way down, but it doesn't. I've never been awake for such a large percentage of the day, and just been in a classroom for the majority of it, and yet the days go by like bullets. This week, what happened? everything is blurring by. We had our first SYL "day", where we started out pretty good, but after lunch it just didn't happen. we just don't know enough yet. But I was actually surprised at how much I could get across, and talk around stuff so people could understand. like for gym we played "chetirie square" which was fun. we also started practicing teaching the first lesson in russian, which was interesting. We know a bunch of vocabulary, but putting them all into sentences is totally different. but it is fun, trying to communicate in a different language. i love it so much.

We also got our first "progressive investigator" which I'm very excited for, he is just a teacher who pretends to be this dude, we are going to teach him the lessons , and pretend he is a real guy. sounds corny probably to you, but it is as real as it gets here. I'm getting all excited to have real investigators, but i've got a long ways to go.
we have a substitute for brat ponzach this week, he is this awesome ukrainian guy. it's sometimes hard to understand him, and i'm realizing how weird i'm going to sound to them over in ukraine, because he is very fluent in english, but it is still funny how broken it is. he is really cool, very ukrainian, straightforward, almost rude. i like it. we had this russian girl we taught in the trc last week, she didn't really know what she was supposed to do, but just talking with her gave me an idea about what they are like over there. she was very smart, and talkative, and it was awesome how forward and direct she was. i wish we were more like that over here. i think we sugarcoat things too much sometimes. we had an awesome fireside on sunday, elder oaks was there. Though he was just there to see his daughter, who played the violin for us. she is like a violin prodigy, played since she was four, it was incredible. she looked like she was 20, but she was totally 35 with four kids. weird. but she could play the violin like i've never seen. and it was a nice break from people just talking at us.

they keep showing us these awesome clips of apostles at the mtc getting after missionaries. elder bednar and elder holland are... passionate about missionary work, and watching them tell us how it is is a welcome relief. i love when they just say what they want. it is so awesome here!

I can't believe it's been a month. it feels like i got here yesterday. and that i've lived here all my life. its a weird feeling. Our district is gettng to be good buddies, for the most part. me and elder thomas played some piano the other day, we both have the ben folds music and played it. it was nice , i really miss playing piano. so practice while you can, nate! the older district in our branch is leaving next week, which is depressing. they are cool elders, and they are so lucky. but they've done their time here and deserve to get out, i guess.

right now we are learning how to teach someone how to pray in russian. which is random, but not too difficult. tommorow that is part of our trc task, so we can almost do most of it now. wednesdays always sneak up on me, it's so rude.

hey thanks alex and scott for the letter/emails! i love hearing about you guyses lives. alex! mono?! what have you been up to? tsk tsk. well i hope you are feeling better. and scott! a kissing scene!? thats awesome. but stay worthy. oh and dad, that's way cool about work, i hope you love your job! i don't really have advice for you, you being the dad, but i'm excited for you, it sounds like it will make life better. mom- i don't think i heard from you all week. so i don't really know what i can say, but i love you! thanks for everything, i always love getting your letters, so keep them flowing. i think anna is the best writer out of all of you. I wish i could tickle you right now! give fredward a good hug from me. and nate, i could use some more letters from you, too. tell me about what is going down, man! how is lacrosse/ being strong and awesome? i know it can be a burden sometimes. did i forget anyone? oh, nicole and garrett- thanks for all the dear elders, they are great. keep them coming, i love news from the....outside world...
so i'm getting through the book of mormon surprisingly quick, i'm in Alma now. its a dang good book, i'll tell you what! i'm keeping a journal for what i read, its just good stuff through and through. so applicable and true. i really love the time i have every day to read it. especially sundays, i read straight for like four hours. though not just the book of mormon. jesus the christ is awesome as well! man i wish i'd had read that more beforehand.
Oh and i'm surprised i just figured this out, but watch this: my name is Elderek Brimley. cool, huh? i figured that out like an hour ago. no, p-days are not boring.

so, this coming week is going to be awesome, and then the next week is giong to be awesome, i've never been so positive in my life, its almost annoying me. ya ne znayoo, i just love learning russian, love learning the gospel, learning how to teach, the teachers, most of the elders in my district, the food, its just awesome here. most of the time. anyways, i don't want to run out of time like that one time, so i'm going to have to say goodbye. write me letters! I love you all! stay awesome! the church is true! the gospel is alove! Jesus Christ lives! its true!


Elder Brimley

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