Derek opens his mission call

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

July 27, 2010

July 27, 2010

(Note: Derek’s letter from last week didn’t go through, so we got two letters today.)

I cant believe it didn't work! i had no idea it didn't work. how was i supposed to know? it sent, it sent. i promise i sent it. i tried sending it again, it better work. i got your package today (thanks!) and until then i didn't know it didn't work. i'm going to be so mad if it doesn't work today.

on another note, thanks mom and anna, the only writers of the week.

anna: good job on the dog and the flower. you should use your new skills and start a business. did you have fun skating? no, i haven't seen bro wilson. and my favorite candy is whatchamacallits, though the toblerone you sent was delicious. and thanks whoever tested it out for me, i wouldn't want to eat the whole thing of course. the food here is delicious and plentiful. i have an idea for you: read 100 books. i think you can do it. thanks again for all the letters. you are the best writer, by far.
nate-good job throwing up at lacrosse! that is the sign of a good game. keep it up. and write me some letters. if anna can do it, you can. stay awesome.
alex- glad to hear you are feeling better, and you get to go to efy. i never did go. just don't come back with a boyfriend, i know too many people who have, and they are all weirdos. try and stay focused and have a bunch of fun.
scott.- sounds like you are busy, but that doesn't mean you don't have to write me. i mean, i gave you like all of my awesome stuff. you owe me.
nicole/garrett- not much news from you, so not much to write. if i haven't told you, i will be gone before you can come volunteer while i'm here. i think i'd get in trouble anyways. it's too bad though.
mom-thanks for the letters and delicious food. and oh yeah, i was totally right about your awesome calling- super important. get all of those guys on missions! oh my gosh, i'm sorry to hear about grandpa falling down those stairs, i hope he is ok! do they read these? if they don't, send my well wishes.
dad- no news about you this week, so i don't know what to write. keep up the good work?

to answer a few questions:
all my district is from utah except one canadian and one from idaho. i guess my companion technically thinks he is from mexico, though. which i love to hear about. all the time. he just received a mexican flag today, which will be hanging prominently in our room. i think he thinks mexico is a good country for some reason.

the temple was open this morning, so we went. obviously very good. though it had been a while, and needless to say, i had forgotten some. so it was a good reminder.
yes, i got a backpack. its kind of weird. maybe i'll send a picture.

i love my teachers, though ponzach and pierce have been gone for the past couple of weeks, so we've had substitutes. we even had a substitute for one of our substitutes. but it's cool, i like having some fresh teachers. though our main sub is brat shiliakin, from ukraine, he is pretty rough. hard to understand. but he talked to us about culture for a while, and it was the coolest thing ever. i think all our old teachers are back this week, i'm excited.

my district... where to start. it is an interesting culture. very very different people, we all pretty much get along. there are certain little groups within the district that get along better, obviously. we teach in russian again tomorrow. i'm not too bad, i can talk around quite a bit, but there is a long road ahead of me to fluency. a long, long road. but i can teach the first lesson, and most of the second, mostly in my own words. which is crazy to think about. i feel like i know nothing, even when i'm teaching, but sometimes i suprise myself. we have been working on the 2nd lesson, which we don't teach for another week, so hopefully i will be very ready. we shall see.

i didn't know it was pioneer day until sunday when someone mentioned it in their talk. that's how sheltered i am right now.

no, its a lot of fun. i see friends all the time. this place is basically lone peak and byu, so i know lots of people.

oh i totally got a haircut today, it is as short as they would let me cut it. maybe i'll send a picture. i like it.

last saturday i had this weird experience. it was like i couldn't learn anything. i tried, and nothing would stick. i couldn't focus very well or concentrate on what i was trying to do. it was a weird feeling. then sunday came (literally in russian sunday means resurrection) and i was all better. but i am learning a lot about the limits of my brain. i'm definitely on the outer edge.

ha ha, sundays we have musical numbers, i was in it last week. they are never very good. two days ago, though, it was especially bad. they sang come come ye saints, and for some reason they had this elder sing like an octave above everyone else. he couldn't do it. it was very difficult to keep a straight face.

we get new elders in our branch tomorrow, everyone is really excited for new faces, and to show off our russian. we plan on reciting the first vision as if it were conversation so we sound very smart. poor kids.

i hit the half way mark this week, it is just insane.

oh, we got to get off campus today for an hour, mendoza needed new glasses. it was just provo, but it was strange to see a bunch of new things. i haven't seen new things for 6 weeks. it was awesome. that probably sounds weird. oh well. if this email doesn't work, i'm going to be mad. which isn't allowed here, so it better work. let me know if it does. i don't know what happened last week. i thought it sent.

i have too many paragraphs i think. i've gotten 'enter' happy.

oh well. anyways, still loving it, mostly. the church is still true, i still love you all, but i got to go.


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