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Monday, September 26, 2011

Zone conference


How's you all be? I be well. i be real well. we had one of the quickest weeks of my mission this week. very busy. which is, of course, good. my district is legit, we have been having a really good time together. and we are actually seeing good success recently. referrals and stuff, out of nowhere. miraculous!

wow, that was a crazy article about that guy dying! (Mary sent an article about a Ukranian man who died in a food eating contest)-- not exactly the most surprising thing. when it said 'buscuit', it meant 'vereniki,' which is one of the most widely eaten foods. even among missionaries. they are sketchy sometimes, but very cheap and easy to make. and delicious. i like how the grand prize was a carton of sour cream. that is so Ukraine. they eat that stuff plain. poor guy. i wonder if eating too much killed him, or eating vereniki.

i am feeling good, i haven't felt sick since last week. the coal pills worked like a charm. i think it was food poisoning. but I'm good now. my eyes aren't yellow anymore. and my pinkie is better, though i can still tell it was broken. i don't know if it will ever feel completely normal. our trip to Donetsk was legendary.

so here is the week: Monday we had an enjoyable p-day, played some sports with a few members. we had a referral from, crazy. so we went and gave him a book of Mormon, he seemed cool, and pretty interested. i called him a couple days ago and he said he hadn't started yet, but he will. then we played monopoly, which we found at the church. we didn't finish the game, but i was losing anyways. then we had a family night with some youth and one of our investigators, Igor. we talked about general conference. hopefully we will be able to see it.

Tuesday we had district meeting, the zone leaders came down and took it over. after, we had a good meeting with our new branch mission leader, we talked about how we are going to work together better. it was a good step forward. we have never had any correlation. now we do! right after that we had a lesson with Sasha, it was really good. kind of. we talked about baptism, because he doesn't believe it is necessary. so we tried to help him understand, but he still doesn't. but we always have such great meetings, awesome conversations. the spirit is always there, and he knows it. he has admitted to us that he knows the church is true. he is a great guy. after that we and the zone leaders went and met with sister bigoon, whose family was there from America. it was cool to meet with all them.

Wednesday things started to speed up even quicker. we went as a district and did some service for a member on her home about an hour out of the city. we dug up her garden, and then she fed us some... vereniki actually. mmm delicioso. it was fun, and of course always good to do some service to those in need. after that we hurried home, because we had to catch a train. yeah, we took a train to Donetsk. it was a blast, and actually cheaper, so we saved the mission money. we played some card games and chatted on the way up. when we got there me and my companion stayed over at the ap's apartment.

the next two days were zone conference. it is crazy that zone conference is a whole two day experience, but apparently that is how it is supposed to be. it was great to see everybody, old friends i haven't seen in months. i love zone conference, man. i wish we had them every transfer like it used to be. that made it easier. we talked a lot about the atonement and repentance, and a lot of ideas how to do our work better. i learned a lot from everyone, especially from president. that man is legit. just straight up legit. anyways, it was a great couple of days. a lot of fun, and really uplifting.

Saturday was good too, we had another lesson with Sasha, talked about the holy ghost, and why it is so important. less active artyom came on the lesson with us, which is always good. artyom actually gave us a referral the other day, and we have a lesson set up with him now. which is pretty awesome. anyways, Sasha's lesson went well. I'm telling you, every lesson gets more spiritual. he can't deny that he feels the spirit. he just doesn't logically understand baptism, and asks really good questions. i want him to get baptized so bad, man. that was pretty much it for that day.

church on Sunday wasn't too great. not very many people. 34. including 6 missionaries, 2 guests. lots of people were out of town randomly. i ended up having to teach the second hour, which was...interesting. i didn't know what i was doing, and there was only one person in the room that was Russian, so i felt stupid speaking Russian. but oh well. victor, who hasn't come in a long time, came. he is our investigator that we haven't met with in a while, cuz he wasn't progressing. but maybe he will come back now. we came home, and my companion made a legit pizza. man that was good. and that was that.

pretty fun week. the weather has been great. nice and cool, though i fear that soon its going to freeze over. it might be a long winter. yes, the summer was hot and humid, and no, they don't have air conditioners. yeah, the south park episode was about Mormons. it is pretty famous, I'm going to have to watch it when i get home. life is going great, I'm loving the transfer. we are doing good work, we have some good goals to find some new people, and more effectively work. its nice being in a companionship with two old people. i kind of want to stay with older elders the rest of my mission. i wouldn't mind that.

well, thanks for everything. i love you and i know the church is true.

love, elder brimley

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