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Monday, April 11, 2011

Another week in Ukraine

Dear family and friends,

I don't know if you noticed, but the name of my new mission president came up in general conference: he was released as an area seventy. so, how legit is that? we have a member of the seventy as a mission president in like three months or something.

oh wait HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALEX! 12 years old, i just can't believe it. i just truly can't. time in the truest sense flies, does it not. what a miraculous turn of events this is. i hope you enjoy my gift, though i can't really remember what it is. if you don't, you can share with somebody elses.

as is probably evident, i don't have all too much to write about this week. it was a good week, we did some good work. lets see...

Tuesday we had a really good lesson with Pavel, we watched the finding faith in Christ video, then taught the third lesson, the gospel of Christ. unfortunately/ fortunately, his mom came in a bit before we were finished, and made us a big meal! so for the first time on my mission i got fed shee (borst without the beets). mmm good.

Wednesday... i can't remember, we got haircuts, we had district meeting, and started a split. i was with antomonov, and it was an awesome split. we just laughed the whole time. we had both our lessons drop on us, so it turned into a contact to this big cemetery in my area and back. we talked to a couple people, so that was good. then Thursday we had a boring day, met with a couple members and contacted. i'm getting pretty bored of my area.

Friday was a bit better. we met with pavel again, but randomly he got all excited and showed us thousands of pictures of his trip to the kreme, which is a (the?) cool place in Ukraine. it was cool, and good even just to become better aquainted and better friends, but we didn't teach anything. but oh well. next time. then we had this lesson with this guy konstantine. he met with missionaries like 10 years ago, and remembered it surprisingly well. he is a really nice, happy man with a family, but pretty much he just liked having an interesting nice conversation with americans. we invited him to read the book of mormon, and he said he would, though, so we will give him a shot.

saturday and sunday were taken up completely by general conference. which was awesome. and a big party, as all the missionaries from around donetsk come in, and we all just watch it together. it is so great to see other missionaries, relax, tell mission stories, oh its just so great. and all the talks were good too, i learned a lot. i think every speaker mentioned getting married at some point in their talk. i liked when eyring at priesthood session was joking around about his hard neighborhood growing up. i got a crack out of that.

i'm glad the package at least somewhat made it. i hope everyone likes their presents, i just looked for junk off the market that you can't find in america, for the most part. its the THOUGHT that counts. oh and sorry about the april fools joke, i wasn't sure if it was too harsh, but it sounds from the reactions that it was tasteful. you are welcome.

my advice to someone volunteering at the mtc... i dunno, try not to be fake, i guess, so once in a while a fresh breath of real life was nice. and yes, i am the senior in the companionship, as i am two transfers ahead of him, and i've been here for three now. so otherwise would be madness.

yeah, like i said, a rather uneventful week. i'm getting pretty tired of this whole donetsk thing. think about it: next transfer, which are every six weeks, i will hit my one year on a mission mark. it is a bit hard to think about, because i would assume that after half of my mission, i would be able to look back and see at least some sort of success. it is really hard not seeing any good come out of hard work. the biggest change has been in myself, which is good and all, but it would be nice to see some visible success.

ok sorry about that. i love you all! and i love my mission, especially the missionaries. have a good week, and happy birthday alex! i will celebrate in your honor.

love, derek

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