Derek opens his mission call

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Derek's first email from the MTC

Hey! They are letting us write a quick "I'm here" letter. Hopefully this gets to you. Let me know if it does. Today was awesome, we were kept so busy the whole time. It is a little overwhelming, but that is what I like. My p-day is on tuesday, by the way, so expect my next letter then. We had a devotional from the whole mission presidency and their wives, it was great. Awesome, practical advice. Then we had some mock investigators, and that was... interesting. They were pretty hard on us! I am definitely going to have to solidify my beliefs while I am here. But that's why I'm here, so that's good. Sorry this is all unorganized, they are making us go quick. My next will be better, hopefully. Thanks for everything, I love you all!

Love, Straishna Brimley.

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